Kelowna Drum Circle Facilitation: Do you want to have a drum circle at your event? Drumming can be a great add on to festivals, presentations, fairs, and all types of events.  If you are looking to excite the crowd, then look no further as this is a crowd pleaser!

Special Occasion Drumming: Are you having a birthday party? wedding? something else cool?  Drumming can be added into the background with other performers.  

Kelowna Hand Drumming Lessons:

Corporate Programs: Did you have a session in mind that may last for a few weeks at a time?  Corporate drumming sessions are known to increase productivity, participation, engagement, and it is a great way to raise the spirits of employees.  

Senior Drum Circles: Are you a recreational therapist or programmer for activities for seniors?  How about an uplifting afternoon where your seniors can learn how to make great music together?  We don't see the inability, we see the ability!


Kids Drum Circles: Kids love drumming, end of story!  Does your school need a different type of activity for your students? A drum circle may be in order!


Special 1-1 Lessons For Adults: Private lessons are a great way to become a fantastic drummer very quickly.  You will learn advanced techniques and how to get the most out of your drum.

Special 1-1 Lessons For Children: Children that have musical talent or think they have none usually have fears that hold them back from playing other instruments later on.  Some of them tend to be perfectionists and they are afraid to play and make a mistake. Others seem to just want to play loudly and they try much too hard to please the others around them.  In these lessons, children learn to trust their own abilities and to hear music in a completely different way.  They come out with more confidence, better listening skills, better playing, and wow do they ever have fun!


Kelowna Hand Drumming for the ADD, ADHD child: These students tend to have 5 songs coming out of them at once.  They are so intelligent and quick to respond that they may already know many drum songs.  The difference in cognition is appreciated here.  What we work on together is finishing one song at a time and conserving our energy to play many songs in a row.  This is a great lesson for your child.

Kelowna Hand Drumming at Festivals and with bands: Hand drumming is a great thing to add to your ensemble or group.  If you have a gig in mind and you need a drummer, then maybe we should talk!


Please text me at (250) 272-8687 and mention drumming for information on drumming lessons, presentations and group packages in Kelowna BC.


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