Hand Drumming Teacher/ Performer Kelowna Testinmonials.

Quotes This past fall, a new and exciting activity was held at Second Avenue that participants raved about! It was Hand Drumming. As one strolled through our front door on Friday mornings, they saw a large drumming circle of enthusiastic participants, each holding a hand drum or a percussion instrument. They heard the different beats and rhythms of many different drummers. This incredible activity was facilitated by Justin Skultey, a Natural Happiness Guide. Justin facilitates experiential activities such as drumming, hiking and photography tours that help people de-stress from the demands and responsibilities of life. According to Justin, drumming is ?not just about drumming, but about life.? It is a reflection of one?s own personal life experiences and journey. Justin describes the world in which we live as having many different stresses and says?drumming is a way of letting go?. When you are drumming, you don?t think about time, responsibilities and the demands of life. Your focus shifts Quotes
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